About Me

Hi there! I am a Computer Science master's student at the University of Manitoba under my advisor, Dr. Celine Latulipe. My area of study is Computer Science Education and Pedagogy.

I am a Technical Educator with over 8 years of experience in Computer Science Education and volunteering. This includes events with Hour of Code, instructing university-level courses, mentoring, coaching, tutoring, learning/teaching assistant in post-secondary settings, professional development leader, and more.

I also have an additional 5+ years of experience in other teaching and mentorship capacities such as a Water Safety Instructor, and Day Camp Coordinator.

I am dedicated to helping students of all ages develop their full potential in their studies, career, and beyond. I am committed to presenting materials using differentiated instruction to motivate students.

I hold active memberships with ACM, and the AnitaB organization. I also sit on the board of trustees for the AnitaB organization.